Certificate Of GMP


     Vacuum Freeze-Dried Durian 30g.

     Vacuum Freeze-Dried Mango 30g.

     Coconut Chips 80g. & 40g.

     Dehydrated Golden Mango 100g.

     Dehydrated Pineapple 120g.

      Dehydrated Longan 80g.

      Rice Cracker 60g. (Thai Spicy Flavor)

     Rice Cracker Plus Bean & Cereal 65g.

     Crispy Coconut Rolls 80g.

     Roasted Peanut with Thai Spice Crisp 120g.

     Caramel Almond Crunch 65g.

     Peanut Crunch 85g.

      Cocoa & Sesame Seeds Roasted Peanut 120g.

    Thai Crispy Natural Sweet Potato 80g.

     Savoury Herbal Bread Cracker 80g.

     Delicate Baked Wheat Flour 80g.

      Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk 150g.

      Thai Dessert in Coconut Milk 320g.



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